THROSKAHJALP - National Association of Intellectual Disabilities

The Icelandic national organization, „Thoskahjalp “, was established in 1976. The organization‘s objective is to „fight for the rights and promote the interests of people with intellectual disabilities/challenges, as well as other children and adults with disabilities, and to ensure that their rights are fully comparable to those of other citizens“, as stated in the statutes of the organization.

The organization puts particular emphasis on being a strong advocate for people with intellectual disabilities and for children with disabilities and to empower people with intellectual disabilities to express their opinions and will and to promote and protect their rights and interests.

The operations and policies of Throskahjalp  are based on recognized human rights principles, as underlined in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Just over 20 societies are currently members of the Throskahjalp : the society of people with intellectual disabilities, parental and supporting clubs, local chapters of Throskahjalp throughout the country, and organizations of professionals who have specialized in working with people with disabilities. These societies are active throughout the country and count approximately 6.000 members.


Throskahjalp  is on Facebook and publishes the periodical „Throskahjalp“ three times annually. Throskahjalp is a memberorganisation in: 

http://inclusion-international.org/ http://inclusion-europe.org/ og http://almannaheill.is/heim/